Monday, October 5, 2015

Looking at Homes for Sale

Looking at homes for sale? When is the right opportunity to buy? There are several factors that help a buyer choose the right moment to make an offer on a new property. Considerations such as how many dwellings are currently on the market, interest rates, whether there is another property to sell, available financial aid, and loan offers can all make a difference.

What Aid Is Available
There are various options like zero-down loans to first-time buyer offers and federally funded grants. Choosing to buy when extra funds are available is like money in the bank! It's a Buyer's Market
How do you recognize a buyer's market? Pricing a home at a competitive point could help seal a deal sooner.

Interest rates are always fluctuating. Timing Is Everything
Will you sell your house, move into a rental, and shop for a new place, or will you attempt to sell and buy at the same time?


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